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Home Welness


It the first magazine dedicated to the wellness lifestyle in the home, without becoming isolated from external environment, and the field becomes a place of vantage .

Wellness , defined as harmony between mind, body and surrounding space, is the chive reading a new dimension to explore, experiment and experience .
A unique magazine that takes the reader by the hand and accompanies him to a new way of life , inside of your home but not limited to , placing the well-being , in all its forms , in the center of the attention.

Home Wellness is a reliable guide , the source of inspiration and motivazioneper trasformarela who wants to own home in the ideal habitat for a better life , to get the benefits of exercise and relaxation, to get away from ' acoustic and visual pollution , from stress and bad habits .

It is addressed to all those who choose to live wellness, they do not want to give up the pleasure of taking care of themselves , so even those who regularly attend a fitness center (club user) , who does exercise at home ( home user) , to who makes the bike to open air (outdoor user) or who is transverse to these three "categories" and can be user defined wellness .

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