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the company

Operating sectors

Edil srl Project plays a diversified activities mainly in the construction industry and in the field of civil installations , serving as the sole interlocutor with the Client Public and Private adopting the formula "turnkey " .
The company carries out activities in the following fields :

  • Interior

  • Restoration statements made

  • Emergency plumbing and electrical

  • Electrical works in accordance with Italian law 37/ 08 (ex 46/90 )

  • Hydraulic structures and thermal

  • Alarm systems and intrusion detection and access control

  • Works by Locksmith

  • Flooring of all kinds, wood, ceramics, houseboats, etc. .

  • Works as a painter and decorator

  • Ceilings of all kinds

By virtue of its organization, with a membership of skilled workers and technicians, the company is able to exert on the whole national territory .


  • Management and administration of stable

  • Design, construction supervision, technical advice and administrative

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